quarta-feira, novembro 25, 2009


"To do, what the others do.
To lie like the others do to me.
To fake like the others do.
To steal like the others do to me.
To act like the others do.
To kill like the others do to me
To bribe like the others do"
(Hellbitat - MindFlow)

Sleep alone to get used to it again. Change tires alone to just learn how to do it. Make my own breakfast to get used to do it again. Change the CDs I hear in my car to forget about it. Cut my hair different just to look at the mirror and don't recognize me. Rent movies I never did just to feel I can do it without approval. Travel around the world without reccomendations. Listen 80's music all the time just to prove I don't need to turn on the radio. Drive just to feel I have some kind of control of my life. Go to a fancy restaurant and pay the bill just to remind me I can. Die my hair and pay for it only cuz' I can.

As you can see, I don't need no one to make me a hell of a catch.
Although, it makes life a little funnier.

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Allan Rodrigues disse...

Dia desses lembrei desse blog e resolvi visitá-lo. Interessante como conseguimos, as vezes, conviver com as pessoas e não conhecê-las. Algumas marcas textuais suas: Deus, Jazz, rosto vermelho, vazio, Baré e outras. Surpreendente. Um abraço!

Allan Rodrigues disse...

Ia esquecendo, os textos estão bons e até certo ponto eruditos. Não desperdice esse talento.