terça-feira, setembro 30, 2008

I'll know

Marlon: "But how will you know when he gets to you?"

Jean: "Don't worry, I'll know...
For I've imagined every bit of him
To the strong moral fiber to the wisdom in his head
To the home-y aroma of his pipe!

Marlon: "You have wished yourself a Scarsdale Galahad
The breakfast-eating, Brooks-brothers type".

Jean: "Yes, and I shall meet him when the time is right.
I'll know when my love comes along
I won't take a change
I'll know he'll be just what I need
Not some fly-by-night Broadway romance...

Marlon: "And you'll know at a glance by the two-pair of pants!"

Jean: "I'll know by the calm steady voice
Those feet on the ground!
I'll know as I run to his arms
That at last I've come home safe and sound...
Until then, I shall wait... Until then... I'll be strong!
Oh, I'll know, when my love comes along..."

Marlon: "Mine will come as a surprise to me
Mine I lead to chance and chemistry"

Jean: "Chemistry?"

Marlon: "Yeah, chemistry!
Suddenly I'll know when my love comes along
I'll know then and there
I'll know at the sight of her face
How I care, how I care, how I care... And I'll stop. And I'll stare.
And I'll know long before we can speak
I'll know in my heart
I'll know and I won't ever ask: 'Am I right, am I wise, am I smart?'
And I'll stop. And I'll stare. At that face. In the throng...
Yes, I'll know when my love comes along..."


E VOCÊ, vai saber?

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Rebecca Campos disse...

eu acho que não. Mas qho knows?