segunda-feira, novembro 26, 2007

Just water...

"Tide up, your realm.
So dive...

Tired and awake
So dive... and cry over
Well, that ain’t all around you...

Come away, I’m not afraid.
Alive, afraid of all the way,
Long run,
I lay alone,
I pay alone my try.

A glide around here,
Where there are no tears
Can it unbar doors?
Rider on the field...

Cause winter,
Familiar matter, for the dirty lives
On a real and dark reverse, rim comes again"


É hoje... eu gostaria de estar lá agora. Damn it. Tudo bem, na verdade, eu devo estar...

Um comentário:

OLhos disse...

No journey is completely solitary, always have our thoughts on the track.

Tem companhia melhor? ;)